DIY lavender hair rinse for hair growth

Remember my rosemary hair tonic rinse? Well, I wanted to try another new tonic but because I couldn’t get hold of the ingredient, I decided to try using my dried lavender buds as a hair rinse. I read that lavender can help promote hair growth for those who lose their hair due to alopecia areata but I really wasn’t trying to grow more hair with this hair rinse. I simply wanted to enjoy the lavender aroma when I washed my hair in the evenings. (^-^)

Easy peasy recipe
Those who love the scent of lavender are going to love this. I wasn’t a big fan of lavender but I’m increasingly learning to appreciate the soothing scent. Now this recipe is really easy to make. All you need is a pot, hot boiling water and dried lavender.

Brew it like tea
I made my lavender hair rinse using my special pot for brewing tea. I just threw a handful of dried lavender buds in, poured hot boiled water and let the lavender buds sit in there till the water cooled. Nothing complicated at all…if you can make tea, you can definitely make this!

Use as a final rinse
After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I rinsed my hair last with this lavender hair rinse and that’s it! It’s great when used in the evening near bedtime because the scent is very calming and soothing.

Other beauty recipes using lavender
I haven’t tried the lavender hair rinse long enough to notice any hair growth. But if it does that for me, I’m more than happy to continue using this recipe. Anyway, for those interested to know, I got my supply of dried lavender buds from Hock Hua and the can only cost me $2.50. Really cheap! You can also read about my other beauty recipes using dried lavender buds here:
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