Different ways to wear your fashion scarves

Originally, I wanted to post a big rant today about a sponsor whom I collaborated for a giveaway. I actually wrote the blog post and wanted to publish it, but after much consideration, decided to give another week. One more week and if I still do not receive the items as promised, then the blog post which I had written would definitely be published next week.

For today, I’m sharing a video I found on YouTube on different ways to wear scarves! Not all the ideas are great, but some are quite useful if you’re wondering how to liven up your wardrobe. I don’t wear scarves myself because it’s not so feasible with our kind of oppressive weather but I can consider wearing a small one around the neck to jazz up a plain tee perhaps.

Anyway, scarves are definitely in fashion and you can check up this article stay silky smooth with a scarf this fall on more ideas to wear it as a belt or as a bag!

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