Celebrities beauty secret: not drinking cold water for beauty sake

Annie Yi. Jolin Tsai. Jesseca Liu. What do these women have in common? Besides being celebrities in their own rights, they also happen to share the same beauty secret–they all say NO to drinking cold water. In fact, Annie Yi and Jolin Tsai go a step further to avoid eating cold food fresh from the fridge too!

Recommended by nutritionist sister
Jesseca Liu is an actress based in Singapore and so like many of us, she has to deal with the oppressive heat most of the time. Hence, drinking cold water is sometimes a necessity more than anything else. Yet, I’d read it in a recent article where Jesseca Liu reveals her beauty secrets that she avoids drinking cold water. According to Jesseca, she’d read that drinking cold water can lead to a belly bump because it causes our bodies to produce a layer of fat around the womb to protect it. But what got me more interested was that Jesseca Liu quoted her sister, a nutritionist, who said that drinking cold water is bad for our organs. So now you can’t say it’s an old wives’ tale since it is being advocated by an expert.

No cold drink or food for youthful looking Annie
If that is not enough for you, perhaps some of you may consider heeding Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi’s recommendation. Afterall, the lady is 45 years old but does not look a day past 30. In fact, I first discovered this celeb-secret in Annie Yi’s Chinese beauty book. According to her, drinking cold water or ingesting cold beverages and foods speed up aging. Well, going by her youthful looks, diligently avoiding eating anything cold must have done her some good!

Only hot or warm beverages and food for Jolin to stay slim
As for Jolin Tsai, I’d shared her beauty tip before in this space but it was more concerning dieting. According to Jolin in her diet book that was published in the Chinese language, cold food causes our blood vessels to shrink, slowing absorption and affecting our metabolism rate. As a result, toxins tend to accumulate in our bodies too. As such, her recommendation is to consume hot or warm food, or to wait for 15 minutes if you wish to eat anything taken straight from the fridge.

Okie, I know many of you are probably feeling somewhat cross reading this. “What! No ice cream? No shaved ice desserts? No ice cold water? You must be out of your mind!”

I admit that this is certainly a killjoy for those of you who love your food cold. Well, you DON’T have to buy this at all. No, you don’t! You can continue to drink your ice cold water, eat your ice cold desserts if you so insist but personally, I’m with these three celebrities. Why?

Some of you may recall I wrote back in 2009 that drinking warm water is better than cold water because our bodies have to exert more energy to restore our body temperature when consuming anything cold or chilled. This is definitely not good news if we’re trying to slow down aging. In addition, anything cold actually solidify the fats from the foods we have just eaten and make it harder for us to digest and disperse the unwanted fats from our body. So that’s a double whammy for those who want to stay slim.

But before some of you come marching to rip my hair apart, let me confess that I do indulge in some cold desserts once in a while. Yes, I eat ice cream and ice jelly but I just don’t eat them daily. I prefer my food warm or hot and and as far as possible, I do follow Jolin’s advice of waiting 15 minutes before I consume anything taken out from the fridge.

So how about you? Would you pay any heed to this beauty secret? Or do you reckon it’s bullshit?

Photo Credit: Adapted from jenny downing via Compfight cc

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